Valleys Netball Club takes great pride in our umpires who cover a wide range of ages and experience.

The Club provides mentoring and coaching for all umpires throughout the season, allowing for continual improvement for all umpires and assisting individuals to achieve their personal goals. 

General information about umpiring with Valleys Netball Club can be found below and detailed information can be found in our Umpiring Policy and Essentials document. 

Interested in umpiring competitive netball games? 

Beginner or experienced umpires are invited to join the Valleys Team White umpiring group.

Beginner Umpires

NOTE: The 2023 Program is full. If you are interested and have not completed the EOI, you can be placed on a waiting list. Email your details to

For those with no previous competitive  umpiring experience and born in 2010 or later (you're never too old to start!), Valleys Netball Club runs a Beginner Umpire Program. For more information about the program, see the Beginner Umpire Program section below

Places in the Program are limited to ensure a fair distribution of games and coaching for all participants. Preference will be given to those with the best availability, i.e. - those not involved in other Saturday morning sports such as water polo, rowing and school netball.

Beginners need to - 


Experienced Umpires

If you have at least ONE season of competitive umpiring experience and would like to join Valleys Team White, please complete the New Umpire EOI - (If you umpired for Valleys in 2022, you  do not need to complete the EOI)

Valleys Umpires need to -

Experienced umpires are expected to wear a plain white shirt either over their playing uniform or with a white or black skirt or shorts (no bike pants or leggings). Valleys Umpiring shirts are available through the Valleys Uniform Conveyor but are not mandatory.

Beginner Umpire Program

Valley Umpires are expected to -

Non-Competitive games (7, 8 & 9 years)

Umpire Education

Rules of Netball Examination

Foundation Umpire Course.