Trials Process

Trial Process

Valleys trials over a number of weeks so we are able to see consistency and in some cases growth of the player. We aim to see everyone on court at least twice in 2 different positions per session (dependant on numbers in each playing area).

If you are unable to make a session – please email with the name of the child.

If you can not make any sessions, we will ask your previous coach for feedback on ability level and place the player appropriately.

Positions in teams will be filled so that each team has at a minimum 2 shooters and 2 defenders, all teams usually have an excess number of centre courts as this is the most popular position.

If there are players wanting to play with their friends, we do encourage friendship groups, as long as all parents are happy with the decision. Please inform the selectors if this is something that you are seeking for your daughter. If we do place friendship groups together, they are usually placed in a team of the level of the lowest skilled player. This is so that it is fair for all players, not only those in the friendship group but other players at the club that may be seeking to play competitively or top tier competitively and are of that skill level, that also deserve an opportunity to do this even if they do not have previous friends at the club. If the friends are of equal skill level as determined through the trial process, they will likely end up in the same team regardless, depending on position balance across the teams as per above.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.